DIY Stress-Reducing Solution

Stress is so common that many feel it on a daily basis. It could be related to work, family problems, feelings of inadequacy or simply overload with that long to-do list that never goes away. And when the holidays come around? Well, it often gets worse at a time when we really just want to feel the comfort and relaxation of being around our family and friends. But there are many natural ways to relieve stress.

According to a study, aromatherapy may be the way to go. The study worked to understand how aromatherapy affected blood pressure and the stress of subjects with “essential hypertension.” To do this, one group experienced the aromatherapy for a period of four weeks through inhalation of a blend of oils using lavender, ylang ylang and bergamot. (1)

The process of evaluation included blood pressure checks and pulse readings twice a week. Additionally, serum cortisol levels, catecholamine levels, subjective stress and anxiety levels were monitored before and after in all subjects to include the essential oil group, the placebo and the control group.

Though the differences in the catecholamine levels among the three groups was not very significant, the differences in the blood pressure, pulse, stress, anxiety and serum cortisol levels were quite significant. Ultimately, the results indicate that through aromatherapy, or inhalation of an essential oil blend, psychological stress responses, serum cortisol levels and blood pressure may be greatly reduced. That’s enough evidence to give making a DIY stress-reducing solution a try!

DIY Stress-Reducing Solution
Total Time: 5 minutesServes: about 1–2 ounces

Aromatherapy Blend
10 drops lavender essential oil
10 drops bergamot essential oil
10 drops frankincense essential oil
10 drops myrrh essential oil
Stress-Reducing Bath Blend
Use 10–15 drops of the above blend with 1 cup Epsom salt in the bath

Place all 4 essential oils in a dark-colored bottle.
Place the vertical dropped securely into the bottle.
Place the cap on the bottle.
Shake the bottle to blend well.

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