Six Handy Apps For Expecting Moms


iStock 612853068 CroppedAs a busy mother-to-be, you might be a little overwhelmed by the whole process – scheduling doctor’s appointments, keeping track of your health, and even going through thousands of possibilities to name your little one! Check out these handy apps for expecting moms that will make the next nine months so much easier (and bring your honey on board as well!)

Fertility Friend

expecting-moms-fertility-friend-iconBefore you get started, it’s time to get a bun in the oven! The Fertility Friend app tells you  when you’re most fertile, the days that you are least fertile, and the days you are most likely to conceive a boy or girl during your cycle! Simple set the app to “achieve pregnancy” or “avoid pregnancy” and you’re ready to go! When you’re not trying to get pregnant, this app can also help you track your periods.

Android: Free | iPhone: Free

Make A Baby Booth


If you’ve spent a considerable amount of time daydreaming about your future baby and analyzing if he or she will inherit your partner’s big chin or your thick eyelashes, there’s an app that takes away the guesswork (sort of) and makes the whole process so much easier! The Make A Baby Booth app just requires a photo from each of the parents, and voila, you get to see your future baby! Now, no guarantees for how accurate this is, but it’s definitely a fun app to have!



Android: Free | iPhone: Free

I’m Expecting

expecting-moms-im-expecting-app-iconAre you an all-in-one type of gal? Then you need the I’m Expecting app in your life for day-to-day scheduling of the whole process from start to finish. The  I’m Expecting App helps you keep track of your pregnancy with a weight tracker, a contraction timer, a database where you can easily put all your important information and phone numbers for the big day, and the changes that you should be expecting.

Android: Free | iPhone: Free 

Baby Names


Struggling with the infinite options for baby names? The Baby Names app offers an easy-to-use way to go through thousands of potential names, look at their meanings and origins, then put your favorites in a list to reference later. It’s currently the most-used baby names app out there!

Android: Free | iPhone: Free


Pregnant and Fit!

expecting-moms-pregnant-fit-iconYou might be concerned about staying in shape and keeping your weight under control during your pregnancy. The Pregnant and Fit! app makes keeping healthy easy by suggesting personalized stretching and strengthening exercises that’ll also relax you . However, make sure to talk to your doctor to get the ok before doing any exercises during pregnancy.

Android: Not available | iPhone: $2.99 


expecting-moms-honey-do-iconWe’ve all heard of ‘honey-do’ tasks, and during pregnancy it becomes even more important to get your significant other on board so both of you can feel like he’s a part of the process. This HoneyDo app makes it really easy to send your latest food cravings and errands his way. For example, he’ll receive a notification that you’re craving Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and he’ll pick it up and bring it to you, no questions asked.