Four DIY Themes For Your Kid’s Next Birthday

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Kid’s birthday parties can be anything from a small event with a few friends to blown-out, professional entertainment bonanzas. From food to decorations to party favors, the thought of throwing a party could get stressful. Our DIY birthday party ideas will guarantee less stress for you and a ton of fun for your child!

DIY Birthday Party Ideas

The great thing about kids is that they don’t really care how much something costs as long as they are having fun. By simply taking something your child is interested it and being creative with it, you can make a themed birthday party he or she will never forget. Here are some classic themes that can easily be adapted to almost any budget!

1. Carnival

Kids love games and prizes and you can give them both using a carnival themed birthday party. Send invitations in the form of old-time handbills. Set up games like ring toss, lawn bowling, balloon breaking and a fishpond. Have small prizes on hand to give out (even if a kid’s performance is less than stellar). Serve hot dogs, chips, soda and popsicles and even consider having a side show with silly attractions like wild animals (the family pets), a gypsy fortune teller (mom in a costume with a crystal ball), and amazing stunts (let the kids do tricks like cartwheels and somersaults).

2. Drive-In

Collect some large boxes from local grocery and big box stores. Have markers and other craft supplies in hand. Invite kids to a “drive in” and let them create cardboard “cars.” Put on the birthday kid’s favorite movie and serve popcorn, candy, nachos and other movie snacks. Make invitations that look like movie tickets. Give out prize bags with movie themed goodies in them and let the kids finish off the party by “driving” their cars around the yard for their parents.


3. The Royal Treatment

Invite little princesses and princes to the party with crown-shaped invitations. Offer a class in royal manners (how to curtsy or bow) and dancing. Serve petite fours or cake balls and juice “tea” along with mini sandwiches. Tell guests to come in their best princess outfits and offer mini-makeovers with up-dos, makeup and nail polish. End the party by making construction paper crowns with glitter, plastic gems, and other craft supplies.

4. Animal Fun

Make use of the backyard or local park to host a “safari.” Place various stuffed animals around the area and have the kids “drive” around to see them and take pictures with disposable cameras. If you have well-mannered pets, let the birthday kid show them off to the group and even invite other local animals to the show with their owner handlers. You might even consider taking a trip to a local pet store or shelter to learn more about the animals there. Let the kids make animal masks to take home.

Above all, remember to enjoy the fun of the birthday party yourself. After all, our little ones grow up so fast so these parties are mostly about the memories you make!

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