Try Something New: Workouts That You Won’t See At Every Gym


new fun workouts

For so many, it’s hard to find the motivation to workout. The prospect of getting off the couch and putting ourselves through a grueling hour or so of physical activity can seem so daunting. And sometimes, we might just resign to catching up on our reality shows.

1. Pull Up to the Bar

Ballet meets Pilates meets core in a 45 to 60 minute class format.  Branded with names like The Daily Method, The Bar Method, Fluidity among others. These classes are typically pre-choreographed formats which means it will be the same class every time similar to a Zumba class.  According to the American Council on Exercise, the intense workout burns 350-450 calories per hour.


2. Tech Spin

We have been seduced by the sweat and music of indoor cycling but take technology into the classroom and the competition and results heat up.  FlyWheel and Soul Cycle are just two of many boutique cycling clubs opening around the country.  Participants have monitoring devices either on their bikes or heart rate monitor straps that show your efforts on a screen above the class.  Stadium style classrooms and appreciated amenities like towels, water and spray bottles to wipe down the bikes, are included in many of these classes.

fly wheel miamia

3. HIT it Harder in Less Time

Strength training classes are crammed into 30 minutes and crank up the intensity in HIIT classes across the country.  Combining intensity on the interval, these high-intensity-interval classes burn around 400-500 calories in half the time of running.  Look for class names like Muscle HIIT and Best Body Breakthrough at Equinox.  You’ll feel these classes long after the thirty-minute workout.

HIIT workout

4. Hang on Meditation

Silks hammocks hang from the ceiling and cradle your body in stretch and sculpting moves for Aerial Yoga and Anti-Gravity workout classes.  From NYC to LA, these classes help decompress joints and the spine as well as make your muscles work.  The combination of yoga, TRX body weight training moves and relaxing in the hammock at the end of class for meditation are worth trying.

aerial yoga