Everyday Lunches Just Got Cooler Thanks To Cookie Cutters

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Don’t let the name fool you! Cookie cutters can add a delightful twist to a ton of different foods, so go beyond the cookie. From fruits and veggies to sweet treats,¬†your kids will get a kick out of seeing their boring old lunch turned into something unique and fun to eat.

Every parent faces the challenge of getting their kids to eat something healthy. Apple slices and celery sticks just aren’t as appetizing as snacks loaded with sugar and salt. However, cookie cutters can change your kids idea of how tasty healthy treats look and taste like!

Any fruit with a strong backbone, such as cantaloupe or watermelon, can be reshaped into mini farm animals or wacky shapes with these handy tools.


Spinach wraps can easily be cut up and roasted into tiny chips that make a great lunchtime side dish. A sandwich can even be cut into smaller bite-size snacks with interesting shapes.


Sweets such as brownies and cheese cakes can also be sliced into new shapes for a fun desert to go along with the school lunch. Don’t wait until the holidays to break out those cookie cutters. The versatility and fun they bring to the table are too great to ignore.

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