Get Your Skin In Shape For Summer

As the mercury rises, we all show more skin. Whether in a bikini on the beach or just a sundress or t-shirt and shorts as you go about your daily life, there’s no denying that you’re exposing more skin to the elements than in any other season of the year. And if you live in a hotter climate, this advice is especially true.

Increase The SPF Early And Often

Of course, increasing the amount of SPF (sun protection factor) and being extra vigilant about wearing sunscreen is a normal part of summer pretty much everywhere. However, all sunscreens are not created equal. Of course, there are the obvious differences in SPF, but more SPF isn’t always better. The type of SPF and the ingredients in the product make a significant difference, as well as whether you use a chemical or physical sunscreen (both have their specific uses). We suggest the Sublime Defense Moisturizer SPF 50 and the Sublime Defensive UV Fluid SPF 50 from our partner Algenist. Both are expertly formulated to both protect and moisturize.

You need to be diligent about applying SPF, even if you don’t think you need it. After all, adding more sunscreen after a dip in the pool is pretty obvious, but what about applying before having dinner outside or going for an early evening stroll. What’s more, we’re often pretty good about putting on sunscreen when we’re on vacation, but not as careful about it in our everyday lives. So make this summer the season you add a lightweight SPF to your daily routine.

Be Diligent About Moisturizing

All that heat can dry out your skin, even if it’s hot and humid outside. Or perhaps even especially so, depending on the amount and type of air conditioning in your everyday environment. And if you’re in the type of climate that’s hot and dry, you may find yourself thinking that even an extra moisturizer isn’t enough.

One thing that can help is being somewhat committed to a regimen that keeps your skin plump and hydrated all year round. Yes, you might need a little extra in the summer heat or because of over-the-top air conditioning, but its much easier to deal with summertime dryness when you’re starting with a healthy base. For instance, using a cream that not only moisturizes but improves the tone and texture of your skin, like Algenist’s new Elevate Contour Cream.

Also, hydrate from the inside out. Drinking plenty of water is great not just for your skin, but your health in general. So make sure you get your eight glasses of water a day!

Protect Your Skin From All The Elements

It’s not just the sun, but also increased exposure to wind, rain, and even dirt, sand, insects, and pollen or grasses. Basically, you likely have more contact with everything in the great outdoors that could potentially harm your skin in the summer, so you need to make sure you’re being extra-protective.

Making sure that you keep your skin well-protected with sunglasses, hats, and scarves when necessary is so important for maintaining the health and vitality of your skin. It’s not dorky, it’s smart.

And From Yourself!

Summer’s higher temperatures mean that you’re likely to sweat more (or should we say “glow,” since it’s more ladylike?). And while that’s unavoidable and can even be healthy for your skin, letting sweat and grit sit on your skin can lead to blemishes, roughness, or other irritating side effects. So be sure to wash relatively often and soon after you’re done playing outside with a gentle cleanser that won’t strip the moisture from your skin, like Algenist’s Genius Melting Cleanser.

Of course, even the best intentions about protecting your skin don’t always work out the way that you expect, which is why we’re so excited to share our partner Algenist’s new¬†ELEVATE Advanced Lift Contouring Cream, which has been proven to make a significant difference in your skin’s tone and texture in just ten minutes. While it can’t fix everything, it can certainly help your skin renew and regenerate after a season in the sun and great outdoors.

Summertime might be the best time of the year, but it can be rough on your skin. However, it certainly doesn’t have to be; just be diligent about protecting it, be gentle when treating it, and always wear plenty of SPF. And don’t forget to hydrate and moisturize. It’ll make your glowing skin the star of your summer pics this year!