Are You Too Old To Start Exercising

May is always a month to dust off winter’s blues and start enjoying the weather.  It happens to be the nationally celebrated month of health and fitness as well as the home of the National Senior Health and Fitness Day as well.

But are you ever at an age that you’re too old to start an exercise program? Certainly not!

Here are a few reasons why  “seniors” could start exercising inspired by ACE’s Senior Consultant and ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and book author of Going the Distance, Cris Dobrosielski. With less work, retirement, and kids out of the house, you may find you have time to do a few things… like live healthier.

1. Time to give back.  There are plenty of organizations in your community that need “hands on” work like gardening, building, and even leading people in walking.  Now that you have more time from retirement, putting your health goals and social goals together just feels good and helps you get healthier.

2. Time to move. Having a bit more time on your hands doesn’t help your quality of life if you can’t do the things you love doing.  Start moving (even in small ways like stretching or swimming) to be able to golf, play tennis or go fishing.  Many activities that you love doing will need a strong mind and body to continue engagement.

3. Time to eat better.  Although, the actual time it takes to make a salad or grill fish is just minutes, with more time on your hands, you have the opportunity to be more conscious of your nutrient intake.  Include more fruits and vegetables and lean proteins into your diet and keep a timeline of what and when you eat to learn insights about breaking habits to eat better.

Of course, anyone can find the time to do the things they really want to…. but sometimes it takes time to figure that out.