What Does Your Birthstone Mean?


We’re not huge proponents of astrology or numerology, but we do think they’re interesting. And when it comes to birthstones, we think the various aspects surrounding them and their meanings are especially compelling because well, they are sparkly and fabulous!  So what does your birthstone mean and what does that say about you?

January: Garnet


Garnets come in a variety of colors in addition to the deep red that we all know and love – green tsavorite garnets are especially prized, and flame-hued orange garnets can be a nice change from the usual as well. Purple, brown, black, yellow, pink, blue, and colorless also show up in this stone’s extensive range.

The stones themselves may give wearers a self-esteem boost or support and guidance during difficult times; it symbolizes support and protection, so those born during the month of January might be fiercely loyal to their friends and family. So having a garnet birthstone might make you the best mother, sister, daughter, partner, and BFF ever!

February: Amethyst


Amethyst has long been the stone of royalty and a symbol of clarity, peace, and temperance – and it might have the ability to ward off evil! The shade range for amethyst includes everything from the deepest darkest violet to the palest pinky lavender and everything in between.

If this luscious purple stone is your birthstone you might be considered honest to the point of bluntness, courageous, and multi-faceted. You may also be the calming force or peacemaker in your social circles – you just really want everyone in your kingdom to get relax and get along!

March: Aquamarine


This aqua colored stone comes in an array of blues and greens that echo the colors of the sea, and its meaning is tied to youth, love, and hope. The stone is also said to possess healing and purifying powers.

If aquamarine is your birthstone, chances are that you love serenity and peaceful time with family – but you won’t shy away from a battle if necessary. So if you were born in March, you might be a warrior queen – but with a strong compassionate side.

April: Diamond


The hardest naturally occurring substance, diamonds are a symbol of everlasting or eternal love and commitment – after all, they are the traditional engagement stone! And a girl’s best friend, of course. Colorless diamonds are the most popular, but diamonds appear in nearly every hue in the spectrum, with the colorful versions often referred to as “fancy diamonds”.

Those with diamond birthstones wear their hearts on their sleeves and tend to be classic romantics, so if you were born in April, you might be the ultimate sweetheart (and have a not-so-secret love for romance novels, cute pet pics, and all things sappy).

May: Emerald


Vivid green stones like emeralds can only symbolize one thing, and that’s new growth and fertility. Emeralds are also thought to provoke inspiration, patience, and balance, especially between partners. They are over twenty times more rare than diamonds and have captivated queens throughout the centuries, including Cleopatra and Catherine the Great.

People with emerald birthstones are considered witty, savvy, and particularly intuitive, so if you were born in May you might be the life of the party!

June: Alexandrite


June babies have a choice of birthstones – pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite – but we’re partial to the range of colors that Alexandrite offers. Not only is it more valuable than most gems (including rubies and diamonds), it has color-shifting properties that can be described as “emerald by day, ruby by night”.

It is associated with concentration, imagination, and learning, it is considered a good omen for anyone who wears it; people with this birthstone are often exceptionally clever and creative.

July: Ruby


Rubies come in a color range that runs from deep pink to blood red, and they possess a unique fire and drama that’s earned them the nickname the “king of gems” and an astrological association with the sun.

Considered to promote wisdom and success and associated with strength and nobility, those who have ruby as their birthstone tend to be hardworking and desire power, a drive which is fueled by plenty of natural charisma. July babies are boss ladies!

August: Peridot


This soft yellow-green gemstone is considered a natural way to keep depression at bay, along with warding off evil and negativity! It’s also supposed to be connected to Mercury and therefore can help harness the energy of the planet.

If peridot is your birthstone, you might have a creative approach to problem solving, a surplus of intelligence, and positive nature and ability to find the joy in everyday life. Basically, you’re the one everyone wants by their sides when they have a problem, because you’re awesome at putting a smile on everyone’s face while you save the day.

September: Sapphire


You probably think of sapphires as being shades of midnight, royal, and marine blue; the gems also come in pink, purple, orange, green, colorless, yellow, and other varieties. It’s associated with wisdom, dignity, and spirituality,.

If sapphire is your birthstone, you might keep your cards – and your emotions – close to your chest, because you’re particularly mentally tough. Along with being honest and industrious, of course!

October: Opal


This rainbow colored stone full of fire has captured the our collective imaginations; most commonly available in shades of green and white, opals can also be found in blues, reds, and blacks. Plus all these color variations include flashes of other hues as well! Wearing opals has been said to boost your creativity, hopefulness, and enthusiasm for life.

If you are an October baby, you might also have plenty of enthusiasm for life, with an optimistic outlook, an innocent heart, and a gentle spirit.

November: Topaz


November babies have the choice between Topaz and Citrine; and while we love them both, there’s a special place in our hearts for the many varieties of topaz. With options that range from rich smoky brown to soft blue and yellow, there’s something for everyone. Plus topaz are said to provide strength and healing for the body as well as the mind!

Wearing topaz is said be good luck and result in the fulfillment of your more tangible or materialistic desires; those with a topaz birthstone are considered to be fair-minded with a flexible nature and have tons of mental strength.

December: Turquoise


This sky blue or sea green stone is connected to happiness and good fortune; plus it is said to remove poison or toxicity from your body and mind – so you may be able to banish any negative thoughts or even help with certain health problems by wearing a bit of turquoise!

If you were born in December, you might be especially successful at achieving what you’re striving for along with generally not caring what people think. Turquoise babies get things done.