Fall Back Into Your Best Self

Whether you are sending your first or last kid off to school with them in the classroom it is the perfect time for you to take a few of those new “me-time-moments” to focus on getting back to your best self. It’s important to take time for yourself after all that family time over the last few months with all of those picnics and bratwurst-filled barbeques, getting back into the swing of things can feel a bit like climbing a mountain.

There may be days you don’t feel like climbing out of bed!

Here are five things you can do to fall back into mindful practices and focus on your health!

Fit Happens


You may have left your gym bag in the trunk of your car all summer, so revive your workouts by trying a new class. Fit happens when you try something new. In many cities, you can try different types of classes with a monthly “class pass” which allows you to take up to 3 classes per month at specialty studios including Core Power Yoga, Fly Wheel and Aerial Yoga.

Write Away


Starting a journal can be a great way to remind yourself of how wonderfully lucky you are in your current life. Write down a few things you are happy about each day. Try to find ways to make others smile and take notice of how it makes you feel. Check out 750words, Oneword, or Penzu for free online journaling tools that help make your life story fun!

Indulge In Seafood


One way to improve your diet is to eat more seafood. Tuna, salmon, sardines, trout and oysters are five of the healthiest proteins to come out of the sea to add into your diet.

Sleep In


Getting enough rest is important for thinking, weight loss and physical health. Making sure you get six to eight hours of sleep may be difficult, but keep in mind that the amount of sleep you get determines your happiness and mood during the day. Focus on getting to bed with a nighttime ritual. Use sleep aids like melatonin, magnesium and make sure to avoid alcohol within four hours of bedtime to help produce a sounder sleep.

Think Happy


Skip the negative thoughts like, “I’m so fat” or “I’ll never achieve this” and replace them with thoughts like, “I like spending time with my friends” or “I’m proud of taking the stairs.” Positive thoughts really do make you happy and negative ones produce feelings of sadness. Keep in mind you can still think positive thoughts and still be realistic by using the word “but” in your thoughts. “I’m so unfit BUT I’m glad I started my exercise program” helps your brain’s hormones switch and change your mood. Trying something new can be just the spark you need to get your mind and body feeling great. The kids are back in school, the weather is changing, and it’s time for you to get fall back into your best self!