Twelve Gift Ideas For Baby’s First Birthday

While it’s true that a baby’s first birthday party is more for the parents, that doesn’t mean the little tyke doesn’t deserve some presents! If you’re struggling on what to buy for a baby’s first birthday, try some of these surefire ways to please baby and mom and dad. From fun learning toys to financial security, give this one year-old baby the perfect present that will get mom’s stamp of approval.

Donate to baby’s college fund: Parents will appreciate this and children will appreciate it way more than toys someday.

Personalized book: This is a great way to share this milestone with them when they are older.

Growth chart: You can make your own or buy a personalized one online so that parents can keep track of their baby’s growth over the years. Plus, it’ll be a sweet memento for them to keep when they’re all grown up.

Stacking blocks: You’ll want to make sure you don’t buy anything too small that could be a choking hazard, but this is a great gift to get their little noggins working.

Picture frame: You can find picture frames specifically for celebrating a baby’s first year. It will have 12 frames, one for each month. This is a great gift for mom to put in the nursery.

Personalized clothing: Baby’s gotta look stylish! Buy a 1st birthday outfit that baby can rock at their party.

Teddy bear: You can’t go wrong with a sweet teddy bear or stuffed animal.

Pull toys: Kids will love pulling and pushing pull toys around the house. It’ll keep them busy and entertained for hours.

Bath time toys: Kids love to splash around in the tub! Bring a set of fun bath time toys to the first birthday party. Parents will love them because it’ll keep their baby distracted while they wash their little one.

Hooded towel: These are more for parents because children, no matter the age, look absolutely adorable in these!

Rocking horse: Every child’s room needs a classic wooden rocking horse. For an extra special touch, you can get one personalized with their name.

Gift cards: If you’re still unsure, just go simple with a cute little onesie and a gift card. That way mom and dad can buy baby whatever they need.