Nifty Parenting Tricks From Moms And Dads Who’ve Been There

Parenting is undeniably hard, but it does get a bit easier if you have some expert advice – and you don’t take things too seriously! There was recently a helpful thread on Quoraabout silly parenting tricks that actually work, so we grabbed our favorite and most helpful ones for you.

The Lightning Clean

Do you have a hard time getting your kids to help clean? Perhaps this tip will help: “This is one we do not use very often otherwise the response diminishes, perhaps once per month we do a “Lightning Clean!” session with our kids (four of them). It is simple. We pick a high energy song, queue it up, and then get everyone together in a circle. We place our hands on each other – similar to a team before/after a game – and say 3, 2, 1, Lightning Clean!

We all then commence to quickly clean through the entire song. As our kids get older we will clean for two or three songs, but it works every time. It works because a) they know the song will only last for a couple of minutes, b) knowing that they actively clean for the entire time, and c) it is fun to clean together while listening to music.”

Give Them The Daily Special

Is getting your kid to eat dinner a daily struggle? How about having them decide what they want to eat? Try this…“When my daughter is being picky about what we’re having for dinner, I just tell her it’s “Daddy’s special” whatever. She might not want to eat chicken, but she’ll gladly eat Daddy’s special chicken. Works like a charm!”

Behaviorial Modification Through Gamification

Do your kids respond well to earning points or rewards?  Why not make good behavior into a game where they can earn prizes like this clever mom? “Inspired by the Harry Potter films, I invented our own little system: every time you do something good, you get points. When you misbehave, you get minus points. At the end of the month, these are added up and you get it as pocket money. My kids love it, we’ve use it for 7 years now.

“We write the points in a paper calendar on the fridge. Parents can give points, and we sometimes do bargains, for example I really don’t want to make dinner, then my daughter says, OK, I’ll do it for 100 points. Or, could you stack the dishwasher? – how many points? – 30 – nah, only for 50.”

Like Moths To A Nightlight

Is bedtime always a battle?  Draw your kids to the light! “My husband has this one that works really well: when it’s bedtime, rather than haranguing and fighting with the kids, he starts turning off all the lights except for the bathroom one. They automatically head for the bathroom. When they’ve brushed their teeth, he turns on their bedroom light and turns off the bathroom light. They go then to the bedroom. He doesn’t say a word throughout, but the kids take the cues and prepare for bed.

He says young kids are like moths – they’re attracted to the light. Truly, in our case, they follow the light and give us no trouble!”