5 Healthy Swimsuit Snacks

The best foods to snack on in your swimsuit that won’t leave you feeling bloated or stuffed.

Now that summer has arrived, we are all due for some days by the pool, bike rides to the beach, and tanning sessions on our rooftops. With all these activities, we need to make sure we are always hydrated with the right foods and drinks.


A light and hydrating treat, cucumbers are a great snack to munch on in the sun. They’re filled with water to help you stay hydrated and have just enough crunch to actually enjoy. Season them lightly with lime juice and parsley for extra flavor. They also say that the more water you take in without fiber from the cucumbers, the more you’ll have to go to the ladies room and the more you go to the ladies room the flatter your tummy looks in your swimsuit.


Just like the cucumbers, watermelon is a juicy snack filled with lots of water which helps you fight bloating. A wedge is also less than 90 calories and isn’t filled with sugars even though it tastes so sweet and delicious.


One thing you should always stay away from when wearing a swimsuit is sodium. Salty foods make you the bloat-est you can be, so munching on a banana actually helps off-set the sodium so that you’re not puffy around the tummy.


For those who want something crunchier, almonds are a great source of protein, which actually makes you feel fuller faster and satisfied. Make sure to buy the unsalted kind so that you don’t take in that extra sodium.


A juicy and sweet treat to snack on, grapes are filled with water and are known to reduce gas and bloating. Before heading out to the beach, pop them in the freezer for a cold snack to enjoy in the hot summer sun.

All of these snacks are great foods to help you stay hydrated and make you less bloated while spending a day at the beach or at the pool. Making sure that you have just enough water and that you aren’t starving yourself while in the sun is key for a healthy day in the sun. So make sure to pack these delicious swimsuit snacks for when you’re rocking your favorite bikini this summer.