Why You Could (And Should) Dine Like A Cat

Life can get pretty busy in between juggling work, family, and daily errands. It isn’t surprising that for many of us, our mealtime turns into multi-tasking time. Breakfast is now served up with a side of a full inbox, and dinner time becomes the perfect time to catch up on all the shows that are filling up your DVR.

How This Affects Your Diet

More often than not, this multitasking leads us to shovel down our meals at record speeds. This may be good for our to-do lists but research shows that it is not so good for our health. In fact, when it comes to dining, studies shows that we should consider taking a cue from our cats!

A Possible Solution: Eat Like A Cat

If you have a cat, you already know felines are known for taking their time with, well, everything – including eating. What you might not know is when humans do the same, they’re more likely to feel full faster and not overeat as much, according to research.

No More Distracted Dining

Distracted dining is definitely not the way to enjoy one’s meal. It would be a rare sight to spot a cat playing with a toy while trying to eat. If we put down our phones and turn off our televisions, we’re able to digest our meal and absorb vitamins and minerals much better. Scientists have found our bodies perceive distractions as a source of stress and react by inhibiting proper digestion and messing with metabolism.

Start A Pre-Dinner Ritual Today

All cats set the great pre-dinner time ritual of circling their food bowls before savoring their meals. Studies show that performing a short ritual before eating not only makes the experience of eating more memorable, but can also improve the taste of your meal! If you’re looking for entertainment as well as a good meal, opt for classic outings like a dinner and a movie.

So next time you’re about to start dinner, think about how your cat would go about it- and follow their lead.