Four Ways To Convince Your Kid To Eat Their Veggies (So They Catch Up On Growth)

Is your kid behind on growth? It can be one of the toughest things to deal with as a parent, especially during the critical years when your kid needs to grow and gain so they grow up strong and healthy. And really, getting kids to eat their veggies in general is important!

So how do you you make sure your kid gets the nutrients they need if they seem averse to eating anything green? Of course, our partner PediaSure® offers supplements that will add nutrition and be a great complement to a healthy diet, but there’s no substitute for developing proper eating habits. Here are five ways to get even the most selective kid to eat their fruits and vegetables…

Make It A Game

You can gamify anything, including eating one’s veggies. Have your kid earn “points” or stars for the amounts and varieties of fruits and veggies they eat at each meal. The points can count towards a fun reward like a new toy or other item they’ve been coveting, or perhaps they can trade them for activities like TV time or video game time.

Get Them Involved In Prep

This works better with kids who are on the older side, of course, but children of all ages can learn to help prepare their meals and snacks. When they feel like they’ve invested some time – and perhaps more importantly, have a choice in what they are eating – they are more likely to be open to new ingredients and flavors. Just make them think it was their idea to experiment with food in the first place!

Tell Them To Just Take One Bite

The “one bite” rule can work out well, especially if your kid is the type to fear new foods – it’s only one bite, after all, and they may discover they actually really enjoy whatever it is they are sampling – and if they hate it, at least it’s only one bite! One bite of something nutritious is preferable to nothing, after all, and it gets them trying out new things. Combine this tactic with the gamification idea above and you might have a nutritionally sound winner on your hands.

Sneak Them In

When all else fails, you can always add veggies to things with strong flavors like tomato or pesto sauce on pasta, or even things like chocolate cake. It might take a little more prep work, but isn’t that worth to make sure your kid is getting the nutrition they need to grow up strong?