This everyday habit may help keep your liver healthy. Check these benefits of drinking coffee and tea

Well known fact is that coffee and tea have energy-boosting benefits. These two drinks can protect your liver from developing chronic disease. 


Another health benefits of these drinks are that they help in the mental clarity and focus. Also offering the protection on teeth, reduce risk of diabetes, boost heart health and also protect against Alzheimers’s. All these benefits are because of the daily doses of caffeine and because of the antioxidants which are included.

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The main cause for the research was because of the fact that Western diets are based with so much junk. This leads to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and in this situation coffee and tea can contribute for the many health benefits.

The idea for the research was sparked by the fact that the typical Western diet is filled with so much junk that leads to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and knowledge of tea and coffee’s many health benefits. A lot of experimental and epidemiological data give us suggesting that coffee has health benefits on liver enzyme elevations, cirrhosis, viral hepatitis and liver cancer.

Approximate 2500 people took part in the Rotterdam Study in the Netherlands. They were extensively tested, including comprehensive liver scans. The survey contains detailed questions for habits of drinking tea and coffee. Tea consumers were divided into green, black or herbal tea, with consumption as either none or some. Coffee “drinkers” was divided into either none, moderate (0–3 cups a day), or frequent (more than 3 cups a day).

The final result showed that frequently coffee consumers had much lower odds of liver fibrosis or less scarring of the liver. There was no difference depending how and where they lived. Analysis of those who drank any herbal tea at all, showed reduced risk of liver fibrosis. Some research groups are skeptical in these results! Because this study was fairly limited to older white people and there weren’t many in the no-coffee or no-tea groups.

If you are addict on diet soft drinks or soda, do yourself a favor and switch over to coffee or tea. Studies show you’ll live a longer and healthier life if you skip fruit juices and any other sweetened juice.
It’s up to you. We recommend to be moderate in all habits and try to relive the stress.