Nervous itching

What’s the deal with fibromyalgia and itching? What causes it?

It is a skin disease that can develop in totally healthy skin as a result of the stimulation of skin nerve. Disease often occurs in an elderly person. Sometimes it occurs after general bodily disturbances and organic illnesses such as diabetes, chronic kidney and jaundice inflammation, uterus, ovarian, and similar.The snake is scattered throughout the body, but is sometimes limited in some places. It can be lighter and lasting, but also sudden and fierce. The strongest attacks of itch are at night, in bed, where it is warm, or in warm, suficating rooms. Something so strong that the patients are physically weak, and often suffer mental retardation. From initial illness, it is common for some skin disease to appear, as the disease is constantly clothed – and this is conducive to the development of warts and exaggerations that are further expanded.



In the treatment of the disease, first investigate the cause of the disease, and if it is not a disease or chronic kidney inflammation, we recommend moderate tea from the healing plants:


20 g of flowers and leaves of Thymus serpyllum

20g flowers and leaf of Crategus monogyna

20 g olive leaves

20 g of melissa officinalis

20 g Teucrium Montanum (no vines)

10 g of rosemary leaves


Are You Itchy? It May Be a Sign of Multiple Sclerosis, I never knew this before. I was like a bear with a tree itching my back! UGH!

Preparation and application of tea: The mix should be smashed in small pieces and mixed. Put in 1 liter of water, 5 grams  of grass mixture and cook for 1/2 minute on light heat. Cool the tea and, if desired, sweeten it with honey. Instead of honey, you can add a little fresh lemon or orange juice, which is more useful.

If diabetes is the cause of the disease, use the directions for the treatment of diabetes. If, for example, it is a chronic kidney inflammation, use the instructions and the blood recipe , and then a recipe for the appropriate kidney disease.

Allodynia-with Fibro. Making clothing and touch uncomfortable, but a rash is not always necessary.
Described tea for the treatment of nervous itching should be consumed 3 times a day before and after eating for 1 dcl, with the remaining 4 dcl of beverages being consumed between meals during the day. Pay great attention to your diet. Discard cabbage products, canned products, baking and heavy foods. Eat mostly cooked food with as much vegetables and cravings, then fruits and drink fresh fruit juices.