The most powerful natural cure against Sinus Inflammation

This natural cure is with horseradish and vinegar and  is really powerful in the fight against sinusitis and headaches that are a necessary symptom.

All you have to do is to put 50 gr horseradish and pour over half a liter of wine vinegar in a jar.

Place the mixture in a jar or glass bottle and close tightly. Keep it for 10 days at room temperature, with occasionally stirring.

When these 10 days pass, several times during the day, open the bottle and make inhalations for about 5 minutes.

You can put the same liquid on a piece of cotton or cloth and hold it like a coating.

Therapy lasts 5 days, which is quite enough. You can repeat it at most 2 times a month.

Another recipe for inflamed sinuses is to make 50 grams of horseradish  in half a liter of water and put it to boil. Then do inhalations, covered with a towel.


You can try also with  this recipe :

1 small bowl of honey

1 small glass of lemon juice

5 to 7 radish

1 small head red onion

6 cloves garlic

Method of preparation:

Well wash the vegetables and cut them into quarters, then put them in a blender. Then add the remaining ingredients and re-bubble. Place the mixture in a jar and leave the fridge freezer.


Adults take about 2 tablespoons a day. For children maximum of 1 tablespoon per day is recommended. You will notice the first results only after 24 hours.