The five-day plan for cancellation of smoking ( Day 1 )

The five-day plan is one of the oldest and most effective plans for cancellation of smoking.

This plan, published by J. Wayne McFarland, M. D. and Elman J.Falkenberger in 1964 has so far been widespread in almost all countries of with about 20 million participants.

The five-day plan has received accolades from the World Health Organization, the American Pro-Cancer, American Pulmonary Association and American Health association.
This plan guides participants through a five-day program, in order, step by step, to change their daily habits and to quit smoking. Through psychologist-motivation, such as confirming statements and changes in the diet,the five-day plan is working to wean the participants from smoking. This plan also deals with problems related to weight gain another accompanying symptoms when giving up smoking and gives them appropriate activities that help to overcome such problems and everyone is free of cigarette addiction.

Day 1
For a long time you planned to quit smoking because it is dangerous for your health, causes financial costs and is completely unnecessary. But smoking is not like any other habitable habit. It affects your nerves,your heart and your whole body.
You’ve tried again and again to get rid of it cigarette but you’ve only faced a failure that has become so common, that you even think and give up.

All you need is a complete plan that touches all the points of human life.
The five-day plan is based on a verified physical and psiholistic principles and is made with the intent to solidify them your decisions to succeed. You will participate in an all- a comprehensive physical health program that applies to the overall health of the body, mind and spirit.

You will probably have difficult moments and hard days ahead of you, but this plan is
created to help you spend these stressful periods at the same time to reduce your desire for smoking.
You can make a complete change in your life – if you correctly use your will and make appropriate decisions.
Get ready for a better life.
You, if you want! You can choose not to SMOKE!

Plan to go to sleep a little earlier than usual, here’s why:
1. To give your nerves good rest ,Tomorrow you will understand why.
2. So you can become a little bit early and be rested.

Before going to bed
1. Walk briefly and breathe deeply.
2. Sprinkle with warm (not hot) water.
3. If you have a habit of drinking some hot drink (such as, for example, milk or tea), that’s fine, but in addition to these do not drink other drinks, except water. Avoid all alcoholic beverages. They control the mind over your behavior, and therefore your decision to Stop smoking.
4. Repeat your decision more often: “I WILL NOT SMOKE!”
5. Keep this plan close to your bed; you will need it in the morning.

Set up your alarm clock to ring half an hour earlier than before, to have time:
1. Take a shower before breakfast (It is mandatory).
2. Drink one or two glasses of water (preferably lukewarm). If you wish, prepare
vegetable tea with a little lemon. You will be smarter and easier if this week
omit coffee and strong teas (Russian, Indian …).

3.To get fresh fruit and fresh fruit juices – they are the best food for the first 24 hours. Eat enough fruit salad from fresh fruits (banana, strawberries, apples,watermelon or grapes, depending on the season).
Your first thought when you wake up should be:
I decided not to smoke, no matter how strong the desire is!” Repeat this many times and make sure it really becomes your desire. You should know that this week you should forget about your body weight.
Your main task is to stop smoking. Weight control will come later, if necessary.


After breakfast
1. Deep rhythmic breathing in fresh air (three deep breaths will help you to calm your nerves).
2. Five-minute walk, if you are able.
3. Take a walk after each meal and breathe deeply. These are things that you have to do it and are from the vital but meaning.
If you do not have a regular program for exercise, consult with doctor for what is best for you.

In 1988, the American Association of surgeons gave a report that nicotine creates dependence the same such as heroin and cocaine.


Now you are at class or at work.
Be careful: tension can be created. Remember, you stopped to smoke.

What should you do when the desire is attacked?
1. Tell yourself: “I decided not to smoke and I will do it.”
2. Drink a glass of water immediately.
3. Start deep rhythmic breathing,  while you go for a glass of water.
4. Gum without sugar or menthol Candy can be of benefit.
5. Lump fruit, celery, carrots.
6. Call your friend.
Be sure to check if you have drunk at least three cups water or juice between 8 o’clock in the morning and 12 noon. Then drink at least three glasses of water between 12 noon and dinner.

Fluids reduce the desire for smoking. The suppression of every desire strengthens your will !

1. If possible, avoid the company that smokes during your lunch.
2. If the fruit is not enough to eat, here are some meals that are recommended:
– Sandwich (avoid fried and peppered meat)
– Salad (young white cheese, fresh vegetable vegetables, with little salt or without salt)
– Soup (slightly spicy)
– Fruit juice

Food, Salad, Lettuce, Healthy
After lunch
1. Fill with fresh air during a 10-minute walk. Breathe deeply.
Deep breathing will smear the sting of the desire for smoking.
2. Tell yourself: Yes, it will certainly be difficult, but at the moment I get used to the habit of smoking

Walking, Fitness, Girl, Dawn, Fall

Benefits:  You get rid of dry cough and lack of air.Avoid breathing problems, infections, prematurely
wrinkling of the skin, emphysema, lung cancer, heart attack …

Smoking is a factor in everything that is down here.

Your first afternoon
In the early afternoon, contact your friend who is supporting you or your partner who participates in this program. It’s essential importance . Ask him how he handles stop smoking. Your encouragement may come at the right moment.