10 everyday horrible habits that put our health at risk



Most of the things you do are mechanical – we repeat them daily, without too much thought.But that doesn’t mean they are too healthy. After all, many of our daily habits are endangering your health without you being aware and being pretty awful, though we don’t think about them.



Be honest and admit – how many of them did you find?


You leave the bag on the table

Aside from the fact that it is not culturally appropriate to put a purse on the table during a meal, this daily habit is quite hideous. The bag you regularly use actually contains far more bacteria than most toilets.


Dry the hands of the appliance in public toilets

Although you think this is the way to avoid bacteria, research has shown just the opposite. The hot air dryer exposes you to 18 to 60 different types of bacteria.


Defrost meat at room temperature

If the site defrosts on the desktop for more than 2 hours and gets too warm, it will start spreading bacteria around you. It is best to defrost in the refrigerator, microwave oven or in cold water (never hot).


Do not clean the headset

For something you use every day, you really need to clean it regularly. Dirty headphones can cause itching, rashes, ear infections and wax buildup.


Clean your ears with your fingers

In addition to hurting your eardrum, you only push the stuff that collects into the ear canal with your fingers. This way you can cause more problems, such as exposure to bacteria or clogging of the ear.

You try out your friends’ drinks

Yes, we all do, we try the cocktail or beer of the one sitting closest to us. But saliva can expose you to easily transmitted diseases – from sore throat to meningitis.


You forget to change the dirty kitchen sponge

You should change it at least 2 weeks. Because of the humidity, it is the best place for germs to grow and breed, and the very thought of cleaning things up makes you feel uncomfortable, right?


You sleep with the lenses

And this way you expose your eyes to harmful bacteria. You increase the risk of eye infections and slowly but surely damage your retina.


You are guided by the 5 second rule

Something falls to the ground, you lift it up immediately, blow it up and the candy ends up in your mouth. The fictional rule of “5 seconds” is nothing scientific, as one second is enough for bacteria to stick to fallen food.

Leave the damp towels in the bath

Attached wet towels are the ideal place to hang all the bacteria you carry on the outside, as well as those you carry out during the toilet’s physiological needs.


To avoid this, attach the towels to a dryer area and replace them after the second use.