The best detoxification Tips


This scenario has happened to all: a hell of a  night, arriving home early in the morning, headaches of too much alcohol, and sometimes conscience.


We offer several ways to detoxify after a stormy night: 

Take a break

The hangover is a completely normal phenomenon after drinking alcohol. In fact, there is no better medication than rest and sleep.


Drink water

If you’ve been drinking very last night, there is a high likelihood that you are dehydrated, leading to headaches and fatigue. For this phenomenon, I’m intoxicated because it’s actually a diuretic

. Electrolytes

Gatorade or coconut water contains many electrolytes, including sodium and phosphorus, which keep the fluid in the body.



Eggs for breakfast

Alcohol is full of sugars. Eggs contain cysteine, an amino acid that prevents toxic side effects of alcohol metabolism. If you do not have the desire to eat eggs, eat rice or crackers.



Eat meat, beans and lentils

Perfect source of vitamin B, which we lose by consuming alcohol.

Ginger tea

Ginger will reduce nausea and possibly dizziness.


Fructose accelerates alcohol metabolism in the body, and honey increases the level of fructose in the body. Fruit works in a similar way.